Mom’s Juice Their Kids To Health
24 April 2014 at 02:42

Mom’s Juice Their Kids To Health this is not some high pressure sales pitch but the truth.  If you have kids who refuse to eat their fruits and vegetables now there is a great alternative.  Kids love juice but the stuff you buy in the store is loaded with sugar and usually just concentrate.  New research points to fructose causing 90% of diabetes in the America. We all know that basically every juice you buy in the store is loaded with fructose. During a recent trip to the health food store we found that half the juices there also included fructose.  So the question is do those places really sell healthy food?  The solution is simple you need to make juice at home fresh.  You can do this with ease if you have a cold press juicer.  What exactly is a cold press juicer?  They are not toys like the typical juicers we buy in the store.  These things juice slowly to retain the maximum amount of vitamins and also allow it to squeeze out 40% more juice in every cup over the standard juicer.  Buy processed juice is not cheap so why not just make it fresh.  If you buy what ever fruits and vegetables that are sale every week you can keep your costs down. The other great thing about cold press is that it stays fresh for up to 48 hours with no preservatives.



Another thing that is very important when adding juice to a daily diet is researching which fruits and vegitables you need to combat specific health issues. You must  research the Best Juicing Foods to find out which things you want to drink.


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